Spotting Guide to Zürich Kloten Airport ZRH

Welcome to this spotting guide for Zürich/Zurich Kloten Airport [ZRH/LSZH].


Zurich Airport is the largest airport in Switzerland and home-base of Swiss Air Lines. In 2012 Zurich Airport greeted 24.8 million passengers. The Airport has a 3 runway system.


Runway usage:

Map generell runway usage


(Mo-Fr) 06.00-07.00

(Sa-Su) 06.00-09.00

Landing Rwy 34
Departure Rwy 28 & 34


(Mo-Fr) 07.02-21.00

(Sa-Su) 09.02-20.00

Landing Rwy 14
Departure Rwys 28 & 16 (heavies)



(Mo-Fr) 21.00-23.59

(Sa-Su) 20.00-23.59

Landing Rwy 28
Departure Rwy 34


This may seem quite confusing at first but if you are there you will see that it’s not so difficult. Example: You want to see landings on a weekday from 8 a.m. because before it’s still dark (WINTER) – simply go to runway 14, tada – all landings at your feet!


Spotting Location’s I personally checked:


Map generell spotting locations zrh



1. Observation deck B

2. Heligrill Takeoff rwy 16&28

3. Overhead Runway 14

4. Touchdown Runway 14




NOTE: All spotting locations in this spotting guide are approved for video planespotter’s!



Spotting Location 1: Observation Deck B


zrh spot 1


How to get there?:

When you are inside the airport building follow the sign’s to “observation deck”.

What can I see from there?:

You can record takeoff’s from runway 16 (heavies only) and taxiing planes.

Toilet’s? yes, food? yes, Free? no, it costs 5 CHF to go on the deck… NOTE: you have to go through a security check.



Examples from Location 1 – Observation Deck B:

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER NEW LIVERY B-KPW Takeoff ZRH guide swiss 777 spot 1 guide swiss a340-300 spot 1





Panorama Spot 1 ZRH



Spotting Location 2: Heligrill Takeoff Runway 16 & 28


zrh spot 2

How to get there?:

From the airport take bus 510 (direction Kaiserstuhl AG) to Rümlang, Bahnhof. Bus runs every 30 mins. Ride takes app. 18 mins.

What can I see from there?:

Heavy takeoff’s from runway 16 & other’s takeoff from runway 28. NOTE: Video Spotter’s should stand back from the fence. Picture planespotters can shoot through holes in the fence (legal).

Toilet’s? no, Food? yes, Free!


Examples from Location 2 – Heligrill Takeoff Runway 16 & 28:

guide swiss a330 spot 2 zrh spot 2 holesguide edelweiss a320 spot 2





Panorama Spot 2 ZRH



Spotting Location 3: Overhead Landing’s Runway 14


How to get there?:

From the airport or spot 2 take bus 510 (direction Kaiserstuhl AG) to Oberglatt ZH, Zentrum – from there take bus 504 (direction Bülach, Bahnhof) to Pistenende (every 30 mins). Then follow the road (follow the bus) until you stand under arriving aircrafts.

What can I see from there?:

All landings on runway 14 (you may move until you find a position that you like).

Toilet’s? yes, Food? yes, Free!


Sadly no Example – but I can show you how it will look like when you arrive!

spot 3 zrh_2 spot 3 zrh_3spot 3 zrh





Panorama Spot 3 ZRH


Just walk around until you find an angle you like.


Spotting Location 4: Landing’s & Touchdown Runway 14


zrh spot 4


How to get there?:

From Location 3 simply follow the perimeter fence until you stand on a small elevation that allows you to see over the fence.

What can I see from there?:

All aircraft’s landing on runway 14 including approach and touchdown shots – I really liked this spot.

Toilet’s? no, Food? no, Free!




Examples from Location 4 – Landing’s and Touchdown Runway 14:

Singapore Airlines A380 9V-SKF Morning Landing at ZRHQatar Airways Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner A7-BCZ Landing ZRH






Panorama Spot 4 ZRH

This was basically it – few hours later this post is finished. Hope you enjoyed this spotting guide about Zurich Airport here on and I hope you come back to this site later – I will continue to write guides like this when I go spotting at – atleast for myself – new airports.

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