About PlaneSpottingBerlin.com

My name is Patrick, 24 years old and I am passionate about aviation. Also I am the single owner of PlaneSpottingBerlin.
PlaneSpottingBerlin is an aviation related channel on Youtube with currently over 100.000 subscribers. As the name tells you already I am based in Berlin, Germany. However I am traveling around the world and therefore able to regularly publish videos of all my flights (Trip Reports) and plane spotting videos from around the world. Come along and join me on my epic adventures trying out different airlines and visiting new airports!

British Airways 767 Engine View About Page

The beginning until now

It all started back in August 2013. Back then I had no clue about airplanes and producing decent videos. In the following years I have learned a lot about airplanes and airlines. Firstly only focusing on plane spotting at airports around Europe, I am now also publishing airline flight reviews on a regular basis. As the distances and number of flights increased over the years I started to do more plane spotting at big international airports around the globe.
A full list of airports I have visited can be found here.

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My goal is to upload one video per week
on my Youtube channel PlaneSpottingBerlin (click here to visit).

Recently I have started to share Instagram stories about my flights
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Any questions?

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If you have any further questions, ideas, suggestions, possible collaborations, business inquiries or want to license my footage feel free to contact me!

VP-CAL Boeing 777 VIP at Berlin Tegel Airport