Booking a flight for FREE in 6 SIMPLE STEPS! (0,00€)

Looking for cheap flights? How about paying NOTHING for them! Free Flight

In this post I would like to show you a simple way how to buy your next flight for 0,00€ – for FREE!

Ryanair is a budget airline well known across Europe for incredibly cheap air fares starting from 5€ sometimes. With a few simple steps and a little flexibility you can book your next flight entirely for free or at least get some discounts.

How the flight “becomes” FREE for you:

Ryanair Rooms is the key element here. Recently Ryanair started to sell hotel rooms on their website and now this will help you to fly for less or even for free just like I did here (click).
Everytime you fly somewhere you will most probably book a hotel or hostel room as well – easy to earn some travel credit on the side, right?

Step 1: Log-in or sign up for a free Ryanair account.


Step 2: Book a hotel stay

In order to get your travel credit you need to book hotel stays via the Ryanair Rooms program on their website. For every stay you earn 10% as redeemable travel credit. Before booking there I recommend to check other hotel booking sites as well. Sometimes you can find way better hotels or much lower prices (even though you technically earn 10%).


Step 3: Wait… until after your hotel stay.

Travel credit will be available for use a few days after you have stayed at your hotel booked on Ryanair Rooms. Also keep in mind the credit will expire 180 days after you earned them (as of November 2018).

Step 4: Find cheap flights!

You have completed your hotel stay/s and have received your travel credit? I still have 7,95€ left over after my flight for 0,00€ (2,14€ originally)! I earned all this credit during my last vacation in Asia. It is not very hard.

Go ahead and find cheap flights with the help of Ryanair’s Fare finder.

Directly on the Ryanair website you can choose the “Fare Finder”. Simply put in your preferred departure airport and hit search.
In my case I put Berlin Schönefeld Airport since it is the closest airport to my home.
After a few seconds a list with all destinations sorted by price will pop up – sometimes with unbelievable prices already!

A flight from Berlin, Germany to Billund, Denmark (55 minutes flight) for only 1,98€ – that is insane already! But I will show you how to book THIS or ANY OTHER FLIGHT for FREE.

Step 5: Book and Redeem!

To book your free flight (“reward flight”) on Ryanair simply log in to your account and start the booking process as usual. On the right side you will see that you are able to redeem your travel credit. If you have the required amount you can now book your first flight for free. Congratulations!


Step 6: Enjoy the flight.

Let’s face it. You are buying a ticket for a budget airline and not even paying a single cent for it. Lower your expectations about this flight a little and you might be surprised how good/bad they really are. Of course they are not going to serve you free champagne in real glasses.


The newer generation of Ryanair’s Boeing 737-800 aircraft is equipped with a new modern cabin. The leg room is surprisingly better than on some traditional airlines. During the flight you can purchase drinks and snacks, even hot meals if you are willing to pay a little extra on your free flight.

Check out this video to see what to expect from a typical Ryanair flight:


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