Model Airport


Progress on my homemade 1:400 Model Airport:

Phase 1 – Planning and Shopping:


I started this project by first checking how much space I have in my room and how much the size of my model airport would affect my space. I came to the conclusion that my table will be 1 meter by 1.8 meters.

Since I wanted to build my very own table for the Airport I went to buy wood. 3 thin panels of wood, some table legs and some more wood to build my frame. Furthermore, I planned to have shelves so i got some more planks for that too.


Phase 2 – Construction of the Frame and Table:


Building the Frame wasn’t so difficult. I simply put my panels on top of the structure to make sure everything fits and then I used screws and brackets to fix everything together.

The next step would be to put the legs under the table and fix them too.


In this picture I already have the shelves installed but the table isn’t finished. I wanted to protect the table from falling over when moving it. Also a simple fix for that – adding supporting struts as you can see below!


Phase 3 – Planning, Printing and Tile Laying:


Again, planning. I found a website where you can print out some good looking 1:400 ground foils for free (Link at the bottom of this page). First I printed them out in black and white and started putting them on my table to see which layout 1. looks best, 2. allows me to put as many model aircrafts on without being unrealistic. Later I went to a copy shop and printed out the amount of tiles i had calculated (and tested) before. I chose to go with thicker paper than normal because 1. the print looks better, 2. the glue won’t damage your tiles when sticking them on your table later. I used 120 gramm thick paper.


Starting to look good – simply because the colour printouts are great!


Here I already put on some of the ground foils and of course I put some airplanes on top to make it look more realistic.


Get your free 1:400 Ground Foils here and plan your own model airport:


LAST UPDATE 03.12.2016 – more coming soon – when I finished laying down all tiles 😀