G20 Hamburg | ALL Government/Presidential Aircraft Departures – Planespotting at Hamburg

Planespotting G20 Summit in Hamburg 2017 – Almost ALL Presidential Aircraft Departures at Hamburg Airport (HAM).

Watch the Video:

Including (in order): Brazilian Air Force 767, Russian Air Force TU204, Brazilian Air Force E190, Sky Prime A319CJ, Royal Australian Air Force 737-700BBJ, French Air Force A310, Government of Vietnam – Vietnam Airlines 787-9 Dreamliner, Russian Air Force TU214, Government of India 747-400, 2x JASDF Japanese Air Force One 747-400, Russian Air Force One – 2x IL-96-300, Government of Mexico 787-8, 2x United States of America Air Force One VC-25 with Donald Trump onboard, Italian Air Force A319CJ, Government of Spain A310, 2x French Air Force Falcon 7X, Government of Turkey A330 Prestige & A319CJ, Republik Indonesia 737-800BBJ2 and more!

Note: Not all G20 aircraft are included in this video since i “only” stayed at the airport from 11:30 a.m. until 19:30 p.m. – after that i headed back to Berlin. Check out the G20 Hamburg Government/Presidential Aircraft Arrivals Compilation for more.

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