Spotting Guide to Zürich Kloten Airport ZRH

Welcome to this spotting guide for Zürich/Zurich Kloten Airport [ZRH/LSZH].

Zurich Airport is the largest airport in Switzerland and home-base of Swiss Air Lines. In 2012 Zurich Airport greeted 24.8 million passengers. The Airport has a 3 runway system.


Runway usage:

Map generell runway usage


(Mo-Fr) 06.00-07.00

(Sa-Su) 06.00-09.00

Landing Rwy 34
Departure Rwy 28 & 34


(Mo-Fr) 07.02-21.00

(Sa-Su) 09.02-20.00

Landing Rwy 14
Departure Rwys 28 & 16 (heavies)



(Mo-Fr) 21.00-23.59

(Sa-Su) 20.00-23.59

Landing Rwy 28
Departure Rwy 34


This may seem quite confusing at first but if you are there you will see that it’s not so difficult. Example: You want to see landings on a weekday from 8 a.m. – simply go to runway 14, tada – all landings at your feet!


Spotting Locations I personally checked:


Map generell spotting locations zrh



1. Observation deck B

2. Heligrill Takeoff runway 16&28

3. Overhead runway 14

4. Touchdown runway 14




NOTE: All spotting locations in this spotting guide are approved for video planespotters!



Spotting Location 1: Observation Deck B


zrh spot 1


How to get there?:

When you are inside the airport building follow the signs to “observation deck”.

What can I see from there?:

You can record takeoffs from runway 16 (heavies only) and taxiing planes. Already airborne departures from runway 28 can also partly be seen.

Toilets? yes, food? yes, Free? no, it costs 5 CHF to go on the deck… NOTE: you have to go through a security check.



Examples from Location 1 – Observation Deck B:

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER NEW LIVERY B-KPW Takeoff ZRH guide swiss 777 spot 1 guide swiss a340-300 spot 1





Panorama Spot 1 ZRH



Spotting Location 2: Heligrill Takeoff Runway 16 & 28


zrh spot 2

How to get there?:

From the airport take bus 510 (direction Kaiserstuhl AG) to Rümlang, Bahnhof. Bus runs every 30 mins. Ride takes approx. 18 minutes.

What can I see from there?:

Heavy takeoffs from runway 16 & other takeoffs from runway 28. NOTE: Video Spotters should stand back from the fence and zoom through the fence. Or use the spotter holes in the fence provided.

Toilets? no, Food? yes, Free!


Examples from Location 2 – Heligrill Takeoff Runway 16 & 28:

guide swiss a330 spot 2 zrh spot 2 holesguide edelweiss a320 spot 2





Panorama Spot 2 ZRH



Spotting Location 3: Overhead Landings Runway 14


How to get there?:

From the airport or spot 2 take bus 510 (direction Kaiserstuhl AG) to Oberglatt ZH, Zentrum – from there take bus 504 (direction Bülach, Bahnhof) to Pistenende (every 30 mins). Then follow the road (follow the bus) until you stand under arriving aircrafts.

What can I see from there?:

All landings on runway 14 (you may move until you find a position/angle that you like).

Toilets? yes, Food? yes, Free!


Sadly no Example – but I can show you how it will look like when you arrive!

spot 3 zrh_2 spot 3 zrh_3spot 3 zrh





Panorama Spot 3 ZRH


Just walk around until you find an angle you like.


Spotting Location 4: Landings & Touchdown Runway 14


zrh spot 4


How to get there?:

From Location 3 simply follow the perimeter fence until you stand on a small elevation that allows you to see over the fence.

What can I see from there?:

All aircraft landing on runway 14 including approach and touchdown shots – I really liked this spot.

Toilets? no, Food? no, Free!




Examples from Location 4 – Landing’s and Touchdown Runway 14:

Singapore Airlines A380 9V-SKF Morning Landing at ZRHQatar Airways Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner A7-BCZ Landing ZRH






Panorama Spot 4 ZRH

This was basically it – few hours later this post is finished. Hope you enjoyed this spotting guide about Zurich Airport here on and I hope you come back to this site later – I will continue to write guides like this when I go spotting at – atleast for myself – new airports.

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